Aneros Helix & Progasm


2 prostate massagers, hands-free anal toy for men.
It's purchased from Aneros' official. "Helix" and "Progasm".
Helix was only used for about 2 months.
Progasm was used for about 5 months.

Cleaned thoroughly with toy cleaner, rinsed and dried.
In its original packaging with manual.

I'm selling them together to save the shipping cost..

Reason why I'm selling it :

I've tried to get a prostate orgasm for over 2 years, wondering through different models, vibrators, and cheap knockoffs, and still no luck.
At last I bought the official Aneros, the famous "Helix" and the biggest, "Progasm". But neither of them was able to make me experience the prostate orgasm. Tried every techniques, sometimes squeezing my PC muscle, or
other times relaxing, waiting while doing nothing, but no luck.
Maybe it's because I'm anxious of getting the orgasm, but it never did the "magic" they said how it feels like. I'm done with it and don't want to spend any more hours of laying doing nothing (or trying)

Whoever buys this, I wish you a good luck and hope you achieve the sensation that you're looking for. But also, don't be disappointed if you don't achieve it. I think prostate orgasm may not be meant for every men on this world..

Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects / Marks / etc: Some wears and tear on the outside container box (..?)
Listed Brands: Aneros
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
Additional information (e.g. brand, material): Aneros Progasm is a clear-looking but it's plastic, not glass.
New / Used: Used
Which store did you purchase it from ?: Aneros official
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Dimensions / Weight: about 3.5 oz
Approximate age: Under 6 months old
Why are you selling the item?: Seems like I can't achieve prostate orgasm.. No matter what. It's sad, maybe I need to give it more try. But also I just want to declutter and not waste any more time on it.
Are you prepared to accept offers on your listing price?: No, the price is firm
What is the cheapest current price of a brand NEW version of your item at a reputable online store today (NOT Amazon/Ebay/Chinese sites).: $120 (Each Aneros costs $59.95 for brand new)
Power source: Not applicable ( e.g. glass dildos, handcuffs, etc. )
Current condition:
N/A - new, unopened, or unused item
Sterilized - Bleach solution 1 : 10
Sterilized - Boiling water ( 20 minutes )
Cleaned - Toy cleaner product
Cleaned - soap & water
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
Sterilized - UV-C lamp
I confirm that my items will be cleaned, and all *penetrables/insertables/cock/vulva toys* will be sterilized prior to shipping. *(see our body-safe policy): Yes
Reviewer/Blogger toys: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
How will you ship the item? (All items must be cleaned, and all used insertables must be sterilized prior to shipping): USPS Ground ( 3 - 7 days)

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