LELO SONA Cruise Cerise, Sonic Clitoral Massager Waterproof

RIDE SONIC WAVES OF PLEASURE - Using sonic pulses rather than traditional vibrations allows for contactless pleasure that is felt deep within the entire clitoris, not just the visible portion targeted by traditional clitoral stimulators or sex toys
SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE - You've never felt anything quite like SONA's pulsations. Contactless yet unbelievably strong, you'll be able to explore SONA's full power without fear of friction as it draws your orgasm out from deep within
8 PLEASURE SETTINGS - From a gentle murmur to a satisfying pulse, each of SONA's pleasure settings is sure to be unlike anything else you've experienced, and yet everyone will be sure to find a sensation that is perfect for them
FULLY WATERPROOF SILICONE DESIGN - Using body-safe medical grade silicone not only ensures your complete piece of mind and ease of cleaning, but also allows you to explore the unique sensations of SONA's sonic waves and pulses in the bath or shower

Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects / Marks / etc: No
Listed Brands: Lelo
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
Any additional information (e.g. other brand or material): Has metallic plastic on back of device, for grip
New / Used: Used 1 - 2 times only
Which store did you purchase it from ?: Online
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Dimensions / Weight: 0.25 x 0.54 x 0.74 inches; 4.48 Ounces
Approximate age: 6 months - 2 years old
Why are you selling the item?: Used it 1-2 times, then it sat in a drawer
Are you prepared to accept offers on your listing price?: Yes, I will consider offers
What is the cheapest current price of a brand NEW version of your item at a reputable online store today (NOT Amazon/Ebay/Chinese sites).: 69.50
Power source: Rechargeable ( no cable required when in use )
Current condition:
N/A - new, unopened, or unused item
Sterilized - Bleach solution 1 : 10
Sterilized - Boiling water ( 20 minutes )
Cleaned - Toy cleaner product
Cleaned - soap & water
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
Sterilized - UV-C lamp
Reviewer/Blogger toys: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
How will you ship the item? (All items must be cleaned, and all used insertables must be sterilized prior to shipping): USPS First Class Mail ( 1 - 3 days)

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10 days ago

Hi there! I'm interested in this, but would you consider $30?

Alexandra H

9 days ago

How about $40?

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