Perfect Fit; Double Tunnel Plug (L)

Well after looking at the photos, please don’t let them fool you like they did myself. I was under the impression that the item was not all that big based on the photos I saw. Upon its arrival and taking it out of the shipping box; My jaw dropped just about as wide and long as the plug itself, haha! I’ll list the measurements and details just so you can get an idea of the size and make your own judgement!

Inner Circumference: 3.4in (86mm) —5.0in (128mm)
Outer Circumference: 8.8in (223mm)
{See photos below for measurement listing on the package.}

NOTE: To each their own, I would hope no one would feel embarrassed or any less than for liking such products, like I always say; there’s something out there for everyone, just gotta do some trial and error

Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects / Marks / etc: None
Listed Brands: OTHER brand / Custom-made / Artisan - details in Additional Information
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
Additional information (e.g. brand, material): Large Double Tunnel Butt Plug
New / Used: Unopened
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Approximate age: Under 6 months old
Why are you selling the item?: Item was too large for my interests and the original website listed photos that didn’t exactly help gauge the size and etc properly
Power source: Not applicable ( e.g. glass dildos, handcuffs, etc. )
Current condition:
N/A - new, unopened, or unused item
Sterilized - Bleach solution 1 : 10
Sterilized - Boiling water ( 20 minutes )
Cleaned - Toy cleaner product
Cleaned - soap & water
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
Sterilized - UV-C lamp
Reviewer/Blogger toys: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
How will you ship the item? (All items must be cleaned, and all used insertables must be sterilized prior to shipping): FedEx / UPS Ground ( 1 - 5 days )

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The Squeaky Team

7 months ago

Hi, Zoe here from the Squeaky team.

I am monitoring your transaction for you, just to keep it all squeaky clean and secure. So if you need any help, I am here for you - just ask.

Just so you know, all your conversations on this part of the listing are public, & once you have hit the BUY button all conversations are only seen by the buyer, by the seller, and by me.

To ensure maximum protection and transparency for buyers & sellers, keep all messages on the Squeaky website. Do not give out personal details ( e.g. your email or phone number. )

Best, Zoe

Lets P

7 months ago

I can offer $8

Lets P

1 month ago

I can offer $10

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