WTB: Bad Dragon Rex, Medium

Bad Dragon Dildo
Rex, Signature Color
Medium Size / Medium OR Soft Firmness

Suction Cup: Yes
Cum Tube: No

SQUEAKY note: : If you need to clarify any detail, just ask the buyer in the comments below. If you have this item to sell - please make a listing for it and then put your listing URL in the comments below.
PAÍS en el que se envía el artículo: Estados Unidos (48 estados)
Marca: Bad Dragon
Acero inoxidable
Plástico duro
Otro (Indique en el campo Información adicional). Consulta nuestra política Body-Safe.
Proporcione un enlace a la página exacta de un minorista en línea que muestre este artículo a la venta nuevo (no Amazon, Ebay, etc.): https://bad-dragon.com/products/rex
Estoy buscando estas marcas y modelos...: Bad Dragon, Rex
Busco juguetes que sean...:
Usado (y esterilizado)
El precio máximo que me gustaría pagar (en USD) es...: $100.00
Estoy buscando este juguete. Si tiene uno disponible, haga una lista en el sitio y lo miraré. Por favor comente en mi lista para decirme si ha incluido su artículo.:

Comentarios (4)

Power Pup

hace 4 meses

Hi Rex I have a smiler item I'm selling. It is the Fox


hace 4 meses

Hey Power Pup!

I appreciate the notif, but I’m only looking for specific models atm (& not even looking to purchase quite yet, as I just got a new toy this weekend).

I’ll take a look at your listings though; you always have cool stuff!

Doirk H

hace 3 meses

Hey I have a medium size medium firmness Rex in signature color with a suction cup hit me up about to post it

The Squeaky Team

hace 3 meses

Hi Doirk H, the approvals team have just posted some edits required on the your REX listing. Just go to the listing and scroll down to the bottom and you can see, then edit the listing and chat to the team on the comments thread there if you need to.

We will post the URL here when it gets approved so that the buyer here can be notified. By they war, there isn't a way to hit you up here. All comments and bidding is public on the listing comment threads in order to keep things open and transparent for everyone. It's not like a chat system here, so there is no private messaging. As a new user, it's important to be aware of the community guidelines and rules so you know how it has to work here because the moderator sees everything ;)

It would be super useful to have a quick read here:


Hope that helps.

SQUEAKY support

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