Rina C

Rina C

I have a really big collection of toys, mostly fantasy ones. I have to downsize so I'm selling the pieces I never or next to never use. They all were dear to me and got treated very well.
I'm still in the progress of putting toys up.
But there's so much more where these come from.

I'm always willing to think about counter offers. And of course you can order more than one from me and don't have to pay double shipping. Just comment under any of my listings

Which country are you based in ?: Germany

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Very good communication, fast shipping and products in perfect condition, thanks

Everything was perfect from the packaging to the communication, very attentive seller.

Rina c is a very trustworthy person to purchase from. The condition was like new and their was no question in my mind if it was a knock off or real deal. She was also very assertive on mailing it out immediately and also followed up with me on her own to inform me of when it departure and when it should of arrived. She handled this Above the expecttions assumed and gave me the tracking number. I definitely would and will be doing business with her again. Thank you Rina c

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Rina C