Sexy Solo Play

Get a better-than-life cock in a fantastical color! This 100% silicone dildo boasts a pronounced head that's perfect for G-spot or prostate pleasure and realistic veins that caress and stimulate as you play. Going solo or getting creative with positions? This is a strong suction cup dildo for affixing it to a smooth surface. Silicone is velvety soft. Listing is for 6". Brand is Colours.
[SQUEAKY note: Colours Pleasures Dildos are made by NS Novelties ]

COUNTRY the item is in : USA (Lower 48 states)
Are you prepared to accept offers on your LISTING PRICE?: Yes, I will consider offers
The SHIPPING fee currently showing on my list is for: Domestic shipping - online tracked
The HYGIENE GUIDE states what is required of sellers (and buyers) for this item. Sellers tick to show what they have done at the time of listing. Where the guide specifies HLD or Sterilization - upload a picture (or video) showing the process used..:
HOT AIR oven (320° F /2 hrs, 340° F / 1hr) - no batteries, motors etc.
1:10 Chlorine BLEACH solution (15mins+ rinse,wash,rinse)
BOILING water (20 mins. rolling boil) - no batteries, motors etc.
UV-C lamp (260-280nm)
Alcohol (70% ) or disinfectant wipe
Toy cleaner product
Soap & water
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
N/A - new and unused item
BRAND: NS Novelties
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
Approximate age: 6 months - 2 years old
New / Used: Used 1 - 2 times only
Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects/Marks/Flop/ etc.: NO defects/ flaws!
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Power source: Not applicable ( e.g. glass dildos, handcuffs, etc. )
Dimensions / Weight: 6"
Is item is from a smoke-free house?: Yes
Where did you get/purchase your item?: Sex Shop
EXACT product page link on the manufacturer site showing details of this item as a new product (do NOT link to Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress etc.):
BEST PRICE CHECK: At the time of listing, what is the cheapest price for my item (new) on a reputable online store (only use Amazon if you bought it there originally) ? : $37.95
Why are you selling the item?: Downsizing
At the point of shipping the item, I confirm that my items will still have been cleaned, and all used *penetrables/insertables/cock/vulva toys* STERILIZED. *(see our body-safe policy): Yes
Is the SELLER willing to SHIP the item OUTSIDE their country? :
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Ask the seller for a shipping quote on the comments below. Buyers can state county OR city and no more. Wait for the shipping fee to change BEFORE you hit the buy button and start a transaction : .
ADDITIONAL information e.g. Discrete/ Insured shipping; Animal / Disease /Fragrance- free household; Factory seal still intact (upload a photo to show); etc.: Animal free, disease free, fragance free!
Is this a Reviewer/Blogger owned toy?: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
SQUEAKY NOTE: : for international buyers...for your country, for this item and price, don't forget to check any import customs declarations, documentation, fees or taxes you need to pay.

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Amanda K1

2 days ago

Will you accept $18.00?

Maria D

2 days ago


The Squeaky Team

1 day ago

Hi everyone, the guides on the menu bar explain what happens next, but here's what should happen ( just in case this helps anyone new to know).

SELLER, if you need to edit a listing or shipping price, you just need to edit them before a buyer hits the buy button. (For shipping, you can always check a buyer's country by clicking on their name to go to their profile page). Then edit the field "My shipping fee is for: " to show International shipping - online tracked'.

BUYER, just be aware that the listing disappears whilst an edit happens.

If the seller comments before it is re-listed, and you try to click through to the listing before the listing re-opens, don’t worry if the system says you aren’t allowed in.

(And sorry in advance about that system message!)

When we re-open the listing, we'll also make a comment and you will get a notification about that. That's the time to click through and then you can hit the BUY button and enter your payment details and delivery address.

Hope that helps.

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