Flurb! Maremaker XXXL Extra Soft

Hollow silicone tunnel plug by Flurb.
This is an incredible and innovative toy. Unfortunately, it's just a tad to big for me (I prefer the XXL), so I'm parting ways with it.

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Hard plastic
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Skin - light
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Dimensions / Weight: XXXL: Total Length: 20.0cm (7.9″) Bulb Diameter: 12.0cm (4.7″) Bulb Circumference: 35.5cm (14.0″) Neck Diameter: 8.6cm (3.4″) Neck circumference: 23.7cm (9.3″) Hole diameter: 3.0cm (1.18″)
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Are you prepared to accept offers on your listing price?: Yes, I will consider offers
Why are you selling the item?: This toy is unfortunately too big for me. Although I have enjoyed it as an ornament.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (e.g. Other Brand/model/material; Shipping method or restrictions; Animal-free house etc.) : Animal and smoke free household

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The Squeaky Team

5 days ago

HI Vellocet, just to let you know that we have taken out the 'pickup' option as it is not supported on this marketplace. Sorry if the system presented it to you for some reason. We also don't support any DMs so have taken that part out too but added in a helpful note for you about the international shipping.

On this marketplace, everything is public in order to be open and transparent. So all comments are also seen by the moderator. When someone comments here you will get an email notification. Anyone that comments here will get a notification when there is a new comment by someone else.

For international shipping, just give your quote in the comments, in response to a buyer's request. You can always see a buyer's country by clicking on their profile name.It will be shown on their profile.

When a buyer hits the buy button and pays for your item, then your conversation is not public, but it is still seen by the moderators.

Check out the HOW IT WORKS page. It should have all the information you need there.

Community guidelines and rules, seller's guide, how a sale works etc.


Hope that helps,

SQUEAKY support

John N

1 day ago

If I purchase this and the Comanche together, could I save some on shipping costs? US based.

The Squeaky Team

1 day ago

Hi Vellocet, the easiest way is to make a combined shipping fee through both listings and John N can buy both. Just put the same tracking number then on each transaction.


make a new listing in the PACKAGES of approved listings category - you just put a picture of each item, the URL of each listing in the description, and a combined listing fee and shipping fee.

Hope that helps.

SQUEAKY support

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