BD Vergil

Large size, Firm firmness

Has suction cup and cumtube

Has 2 marks under the head. and a wide trim ariund the tube, neither affect use

COUNTRY the item is shipped within: Austria
How will you ship the item? (must be ONLINE TRACKED mail/courier, pickup is not allowed). The quote here is for domestic shipping unless otherwise specified (it can be edited at any time).: Domestic shipping - online tracked
BRAND: Bad Dragon
Current condition (*note: a sterilization photo must be added to get listing approval*):
N/A - new, unopened, or unused item
Sterilized - Bleach solution 1 : 10 + RINSING
Sterilized - Boiling water ( 20 minutes )
Sterilized - UV-C lamp
Cleaned - soap & water
Cleaned - Toy cleaner product
Sanitized - minimum 70% alcohol or disinfectant wipe
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
I confirm that my items will have been cleaned, and all used *penetrables/insertables/cock/vulva toys* STERILIZED, prior to shipping. *(see our body-safe policy): Yes
Item is from a smoke-free house: Yes
Approximate age: Under 6 months old
New / Used: Used 1 - 2 times only
Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects/Marks/Flop/ etc.: 2 marks under the head, wide trim around cumtube
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Power source: Not applicable ( e.g. glass dildos, handcuffs, etc. )
Is this a Reviewer/Blogger owned toy?: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
Where did you get/purchase your item?: Bad Dragon
Give the EXACT page link to the manufacturer site showing this item's details, or, to an online retail site that shows this item for sale new (NOT Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress etc.):
PRICE CHECK: At the time of listing, what is the cheapest price for my item (new) on a reputable online store (only use Amazon if you bought it there originally) ? : 145
Are you prepared to accept offers on your listing price?: Yes, I will consider offers
Why are you selling the item?: no need for it anymore
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (e.g. Other Brand/model/material; Shipping method or restrictions; Animal-free house etc.) : Shipped within Europe

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The Squeaky Team

3 months ago

Just a heads up. Looks like that link shows the price for $145 to be for the large firm vergil alone, and the cum tube and suction cup adds even more value.

Milan D

3 months ago

Couldn't select the accessories within the link, but the tube would be +20 and the suction would add +10 to the price

Calin Gabriel C

3 months ago

Hola.El articulo lo mandan desde Austria? es para saber cuanto tardaría hasta España.Gracias.

Milan D

3 months ago

Hello, on the online page of the post office it says the delivery would take 4-5 workdays to arrive in Spain, but the earliest I could go to the post office and send it would me on Monday and then I can give more information about the delivery.

The Squeaky Team

3 months ago

Hi Milan D, sorry your sale didn't work out.

Let's see if we can clean up the comments thread for you. Would you like that?

In the meantime, have you also noticed that we have added (*please add photo of sterilization in progress*): to the current condition field.

This is new this month and your listing is from before this date with sterilization already applied.

However, if you have any photos please do add them, or if you sterilize again please do add them and we can then pop you to the top of the board to kick start your listing again.

It would help keep your listing competitive, and the buyers seem to be really showing their appreciation!

p.s. Also, just a reminder to remember to take pix for any future listings too.

Nathan_nation b

2 months ago

Shipping to Florida would cost?

The Squeaky Team

1 day ago

Milan D, you missed your buyer! So, the system cancelled the transaction after 3 days with no action.

Please let us know what happened here. We will pause the listing after we have given some time for you and your buyer to read this.

You can re-open it anytime but please communicate with the support team at and we can reach out to your buyer again for you.

By the way, if you are ever going to be away for any reason you can ask us to pause the listing temporarily and re-open it again for you later.


SQUEAKY moderator

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