Je Joue Ami Progressive Pelvic Weights

I like to buy alot of toys to try. I use them a time or two and move on to another toy!! Well I have WAY too many that have been put away and forgotten about. Time to let these go to other adventurous fun seekers and free up some $$ and space for more toys!!!

Pleasurable, simple, and beneficial - tone and strengthen your PC muscle with the Ami Progressive Pelvic Weights by Je Joue. This training toy helps create a tighter feeling for both partners which leades to stronger orgasms. Ami contains a set of 3 soft and smooth pelvic weights so that you can train your PC muscle at your own pace and is suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels. Easy to use and completely comfortable, you can try wearing Ami around the house at first then venture out - no one will ever know you're training! Be sure to apply water-based lubrication for easy insertion and clean with soap and water when done. Covered in 100% FDA-approved body-safe silicone.

Je Joue Ami Details:
100% FDA-approved body-safe silicone
Easy clean, simple to wash with soap and water
Ami 1: A large, soft and lightweight single ball (new kegel exercisers).
Ami 2: A medium-sized double ball that's still soft yet slightly heavier (experienced users).
Ami 3: A small, hard and heavy double ball (advanced users).
3 weights - Ami 1 (47g), Ami 2 (78g), Ami 3 (106g)
Overall Length - Ami 1 (4.37"), Ami 2 (6.14"), Ami 3 (5.66")
Diameter - Ami 1 (1.41"), Ami 2 (3.14"), Ami 3 (2.75")

Fully working?: Full working order
Any Defects / Marks / etc: none
Listed Brands: Je Joue
Stainless steel
Hard plastic
Other ( Please state in Additional information field ). Check our Body-Safe policy.
New / Used: Opened, but unused
Skin - light
Skin - medium
Skin - dark
Approximate age: 3 - 5 years old
Why are you selling the item?: To buy and try new toys
Are you prepared to accept offers on your listing price?: Yes, I will consider offers
What is the cheapest current price of a brand NEW version of your item at a reputable online store today (NOT Amazon/Ebay/Chinese sites).: 60.00
Power source: Not applicable ( e.g. glass dildos, handcuffs, etc. )
Current condition:
N/A - new, unopened, or unused item
Sterilized - Bleach solution 1 : 10
Sterilized - Boiling water ( 20 minutes )
Cleaned - Toy cleaner product
Cleaned - soap & water
Other - please state in "additional information" box above
Sterilized - UV-C lamp
Reviewer/Blogger toys: N/A, I am not a blogger / reviewer
How will you ship the item? (All items must be cleaned, and all used insertables must be sterilized prior to shipping): USPS First Class Mail ( 1 - 3 days)

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